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Property Acquisition

We offer a comprehensive service in the area of expansion in the real estate market. The service is primarily targeted at corporate customers. With experience in real estate acquisitions for many leading companies understand the needs of a modern customer and we guarantee that you will get from us only the proposals comply with the eligibility criteria for location and technical specifications. Throughout the duration of the cooperation we keep in touch with the customer informing him of the progress. Our team coordinates the entire process from the search for a suitable property through to the final stage of negotiations. We strive to achieve the objective while ensuring the security of transactions and offering a full legal advice and investment opportunities. The choice is always presented property is justified by adequate analysis of the local market.
Because we care about the quality of our services, we are trying to limit the number of projects related to the acquisition of real property, conducted at the same time.
We specialize primarily in obtaining:

  • land for investment (chains)
  • premises (banks, retail services)
  • locations for service stations