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Property Valuation

We do estimates, as well as studies, reports and forming the appraisal, the real estate market and advice on the market, - the effectiveness of investing in real estate and possibilities of their development - the financial consequences of adoption or amendment of local plans - and determining real estate values needs of the individual investor. 

Real estate estimate produced by our company is characterized by clarity and transparency . Throughout the duration of collaboration client can monitor the status of orders and obtain detailed information. Prepare studies for the various institutions (including banks, courts, tax offices, city and municipal offices), for businesses and individuals . Activities associated with determining the property value (understood as the determination of property value as an object of property rights and other property rights) in accordance with Polish law carries only the person holding the title of a property valuator. 

We have to give a certificate of professional allowances for estimating the property right to exercise a professional activity in determining the value of real estate and machinery and equipment permanently connected to the property (entry to the Central Register maintained by the Property Appraisers Property Management Department of the Ministry of Infrastructure).

Property valuation experts:

- Barbara Jurczak, no allowances 4778
- Mr. Daniel Wendlandt, no allowances 1797
We belong to the Silesian Association of Property Appraisers
The current policy of insurance against civil liability - 0200772

(According to Article. 175 of the Law on Real Estate for compulsory liability insurance).

All activities related to the valuation of real estate we offer:

  1. in accordance with the rules laid down by law,
  2. based on the Polish Valuation Standards - issued by the PFVA PKZW (Polish Federation of Valuers' Association), as well as on the basis of International Standards (IVSC) and European Standards (EVS)
  3. with the principle of special care appropriate to the professional nature of those activities,
  4. with the principles of professional ethics,
  5. with the principle of impartiality in the valuation of real estate,
  6. maintaining the professional secrecy,
  7. constantly improving their skills.

Welcome to cooperate with real estate professionals including valuers, estate agents, analysts and managers.